Song of the Month

May, 2013


April, 2013


March, 2013

It was almost 10 years ago when I wrote “I Fell”. It’s not even a song really… it’s a snapshot that somehow manages to capture so much of how I was feeling in so few notes and words.


February, 2013

Fine was written during the creative burst that lead to the album ‘After Night Came Sun’ by Ryanhood. It’s a bit of a rebuttal to the grind that I found myself in creatively, namely the guessing games we play when trying to please others. The song was in the running to appear on that Ryanhood album, but it ultimately didn’t seem to fit in with the other songs in that batch. I’m quite happy to have been able to save it for The Great Collision recording sessions, as it really fits the state of mind where I’m currently at, and works well with this band.


January, 2013

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I had the opportunity to see Sufjan Stevens perform in Tucson in early December, and was quickly reminded why he’s one of my favorite artists. I envy his unique blend of heart and unchained creativity. When I was invited to perform on air at KXCI 91.3 FM’s ‘Sonic Solstice’ I decided to do a cover of his song That Was The Worst Christmas Ever. As it happened, some friends from the band Sweet Ghosts were at the station as well, and they agreed to back me up for the on-air performance. The result was so great that we decided to go into the studio and record the song just a few days later. I hope you enjoy it.


7 Responses to Song of the Month

  1. Lisa Ford says:


  2. Sally Clark says:

    Great song! Still love listening to your music!

  3. Dan Hood says:

    Mighty fine, Maestro….Mighty fine!

  4. Michelle Walker Haldeman says:

    Fine as ever. And kudos to the piano player on Worst Christmas. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing and, as always, rock on.

  5. Mark Craig Sakaley says:

    Hauntingly beautiful, Ryan. It just keeps running, running on in my head…

  6. Katie Ratzan Peeler says:

    So impressed. I can’t believe I took guitar lessons from you at Brookline Community Adult Ed so many years ago!

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